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JIAIDO - The Path to Love OneSelf 
What is JIAIDO?

The art of JIAIDO is  a holistic method working with all levels of human existence. It guides the body and mind into a state of stillness through a combination of guided exercises, focus, breathing and rhythms.

JIAIDO is the art of personal and self-development, through awakening the energy of dormant awareness. It creates an opportunity to establish a new relationship with our body, thoughts and emotions, and gradually leads us to discover our true nature, to realize the truth of our Being.  

The term JI AI DO consists of three Japanese kanjis:

JI    –  our true nature, the Self

AI   –  to unify, to connect, to love beyond personal

DO –  the path, the way

The path to love OneSelf.

By JIAIDO we strengthen our skill to be really present in our life, instead of running only our automatic programs. We can leave behind such barriers, we thought before were absolutely glued already to us.


By its help we find our way back to our inner center, we reconnect to our own selves.


It teaches how we can make this connection alive, so we won't loose it again. We become able to hear our 'own voice' again that is hard to find when we are under the pressure of our everyday life, our duties or even the compulsion for conform to others.

The complex system of JIAIDO is a consciously designed toolbar that gives the key to your own hands towards your development.

It is up to you how much you give in, how deep you go. It’s efficiency lays on it’s practicality, and is easy-to-follow and open to everyone.


All the three branches of JIAIDO use different tools for the same aim: to make us arrive to the present moment and to reconnect to ourselves. The 3 branches cover the most important areas in our lives. 

JIAIDO mozgásmeditáció - Tai sabaki


Tai Sabaki develops our basic inner competences with an exciting, interesting movement method.

The movements are based on martial art elements, that are practiced in 4 different rhythms.


This is how dynamism appears besides calm and slow practice: firey, energetic, strong parts vary with smooth, flowing and airy practice.


By movement meditation due to the combination of conscious movement and breathing we arrive from the world of our fast-moving thoughts to a focused, aware meditative state.



Ate, Jiaido’s bodywork method uses conscious touch and breathing to work on our emotional and mental levels.


The specialty of this pairwork looks first like massage, is that here both the giver and the receiver part is active: Ate is practiced in aware, conscious presence.


Invisibly works on the blocks of connection towards ourselves and others, and the topics of giving and receiving; it helps us to relate in a loving, trustful way to ourselves and to our environment.

JIAIDO - Creativity


Creativity is one of the basic quality of human beings.


It does not matter, which form it takes, what kind of activity it appears: the main in creativity is the joy of creating, the experience of relief, boundlessness and free self-expression.


It does not matter What we do, it matters How we do that.


It might be painting or drawing, pottery, playing music or dance, all of JIAIDO’s Creativity programs create opportunity to us to experience our inner silence and infinity. 

Benefits of JIAIDO on physical, emotional and mental levels
  • Enhances energy and vigor

  • Strengthens muscles

  • Develops the sense of balance

  • Improves body coordination  and flexibility

  • Advances body awareness

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Stimulates blood circulation, refreshes the brain

  • Deep breathing detoxifies and increases the supply of oxygen to all the cells in the body

  • Develops self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Advances emotional stability

  • Awakes inner power

  • Brings patience and calmness to ourselves and others

  • Creates broad and deepening capacity to give and receive love

  • Helps you build and maintain healthy and honest relationships that are based on trust, acceptance, tolerance, respect, and love

  • Develops concentration skills

  • Promotes the ability to solve complex problems

  • Helps to cope with stress

  • Develops self-discipline

  • Raises awareness in everyday life

  • Clears the mind from unproductive thoughts

  • Brings calmness and clarity

  • Develops attention, expands the ability to learn new things

Areas of development


To develop body awareness is the first and most fundamental step towards developing awareness of our whole being.

Our body position and our movements represent exactly what is going on inside us.

By correcting the physical element we actually start working on our invisible aspects like personality and mind which are so much more difficult to grasp otherwise.

JIAIDO works on all four levels of our being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - at the same time.
The effects of the method come to us through three gateways establishing a complex evolution for the practitioner: body awareness, emotion-management and open-mindedness.

Emotions seem to rule our daily lives.

We react, communicate and make decisions depending on how we feel at the given moment, whether we are happy or sad, angry, anxious or excited.

By getting consciuous about our emotions there is a chance to step out from the patterns of the past and have a new way to relate the situation.


Open mindedness is one of the most important qualities we need in our lives if we want to grow and develop ourselves.


To be open minded means to have a constant desire to learn, to develop, to receive new impulses. It means that we dare to discover consciously what is going on inside and outside of us and we dare to enter the unknown even despite of fear or hesitation.

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