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More about JIAIDO

A versatile  a method of personality and awareness development specifically developed for the man of the modern age.


The name JI-AI-DO consists of three Japanese kanji (punctuation) compositions:

JI - the true nature, the real Self

AI - unites, connects; personal interests  love beyond

DO - the road

"The path to love OneSelf." - "The way to love ourselves."


With JIAIDO, we can see the face of our ego, our built personality, understand our programmed, conditioned actions, and leave them behind. It brings self-knowledge, inner understanding, awareness into our lives, with the help of which we ourselves can change, release, develop and grow.

JIAIDO’s complex method is a consciously constructed toolbox that puts the key to yourself in your hands. It’s up to you how much you put into it, how deep you go. Its effectiveness lies in its practicality. It is not a theoretical method, here you can constantly work on yourself in practice.    


JIAIDO works on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels at the same time. These levels are not separate, they also interact continuously. Its three branches are structured to cover the most important areas of our lives.

What is JIAIDO?
JIAIDO movement meditation - Tai sabaki


JIAIDO Movement Meditation (Tai Sabaki) develops our core inner competencies through an exciting, interesting form of movement.
The movements are based on martial arts elements that we practice in four different rhythms. This is how dynamism appears in addition to calm and slow practice: fiery, energetic, powerful parts replace soft, flowing and airy exercises.
From the world of our thoughts zigzagging with movement meditation, we arrive in a focused, alert meditative state with a combination of conscious movement and conscious breathing.



The JIAIDO bodywork system uses the conscious touch t accumulated in the body  to resolve emotional and mental blocks. It teaches  how to connect and communicate openly with each other on new foundations.

JIAIDO - Creativity


Creativity, creative self-expression is an indispensable part of a meaningful, satisfied life.


How creative are you in your everyday life?

Self-improvement  areas
The JIAIDO method is all our being  level  - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - works at the same time.
The method works in three directions: body awareness , emotion management, and openness , thus laying the foundation for the practitioner's development in a complex way.


The first and most basic step towards shaping the consciousness of our whole being is to develop body consciousness.

Our posture and movements show exactly what is going on inside of us.

By correcting on a physical level, we begin to work on invisible parts such as our personalities or minds that would otherwise be much more difficult to access.



Apparently, our emotions control our daily lives.

We react, communicate, and make decisions about how we feel at the moment, whether we are cheerful, sad, angry, or excited, or just worried.


Our awareness of our emotions provides an opportunity to step out of the patterns of the past and connect to the situation in a new way.


Openness is one of the most important qualities we need in life if we want to grow and develop ourselves.


Being open means that we are constantly eager to learn new things, to develop, and to receive new impulses from others, from our environment; it means that we are curious to discover what is going on outside our own world, outside our own heads.

A JIAIDO  beneficial effects
  • Increases energy levels and vitality

  • Strengthens muscles

  • It develops a sense of balance

  • Improves body coordination  and flexibility

  • It develops body awareness

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • It stimulates blood circulation , refreshes the brain

  • Deep breathing detoxifies and increases the supply of oxygen to the body’s cells

  • It develops self-confidence and self-confidence

  • Promotes emotional stability

  • It revives the inner strength

  • It brings patience and peace to ourselves and others

  • It creates a broad and deepening capacity to give and receive love

  • It helps you build and maintain healthy and honest relationships  they are based on trust, acceptance, tolerance, respect, and love

  • Develops concentration skills

  • Promotes the ability to solve complex problems

  • It helps to cope with stress

  • It develops self-discipline

  • It raises awareness in everyday life

  • It clears unnecessary thoughts from the mind

  • It brings calmness and clarity

  • It develops attention , expands the ability to learn new things

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