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Evening meditations in the dojo


You are welcome to join us for evening meditation two times a week.

The 25-minute evening silence helps to clear the mind and bring our attention back to ourselves.

The advantage of group meditation is that the guidance and the common space make us to direct our attention easier. 

Occasions: Tuesdays, Thursdays 19:25 - 19:50

Location: JIAIDO Academy, XIII. district, Vág u. 19. 

How does meditation help?

  • Clears the unnecessary thoughts from your mind

  • Raises awareness in everyday life

  • Helps to cope with stress

  • Helps to have a balanced, positive state of mind

  • Results a clean way of thinking

  • Develops attention

  • Promotes the ability to solve complex problems

  • Develops self-discipline

  • Develops confidence and self-esteem

  • Brings patience and respect to ourselves and others

  • Creates a broad and deepening capacity to give and receive love

  • Increases the ability to unleash creativity

  • and many other effects you may experience as you practice

How to join?

The evening meditation starts at 19:25 and lasts until appr. 19:50.

Please arrive earlier to have time to comfortably change and settle in.

You won’t need any tool, just comfortable clothes that are not too tight.  


No pre-registration required, you can come at any time!

The evening meditation is by donation, according to your financial opportunities 500 HUF or 1000 HUF / occasion. 

Beginner and practicing meditators are also welcome!  

For beginners, we warmly recommend our Weekend Meditation workshop, as it is not easy for many to meditate in the beginning.

At this weekend we can understand how our own mind works, and we will walk the path from the vortex of thoughts to our inner, clear center with an experienced guide, while learning effective techniques to direct our attention. By the end of the workshop, the beauty of the meditative state will become your own experience that you can bring into your everyday life.  

More information about the workshop


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