Whirling meditation

Whirling meditation is an active form of meditation that has its roots in Rumi and the dance of Sufi dervishes. 

This dance is one of the most ancient and powerful meditation techniques that teaches us to connect with the motionless space and love within us that transcends all of our blocks, our patterns of behavior. It leads us to the loving and peaceful center of what we call our true being.


While dancing, we raise our right hand to the sky, pointing to the ground with our left hand, forming a bridge between the two worlds, heaven and earth.

As a result of continuous whirling, the inner space becomes perceptible, which is also the axis of our whirling, the source of our inner strength. In this space, duality disappears and only that remains that is real. This dance is the art of letting go and giving, showing you the way to love yourself.  


At first, we focus on mastering the technique, but as soon as the body learns the movement and gains enough confidence, we become able to focus on our inner world. As a result of intensive and persistent practice, we can experience this connected state in our everyday life as well, we become calmer and more balanced.


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How shall I prepare for the practice?


- Please do not eat 1.5-2 hours before the practice

- Bring some non-carbonated mineral water / water.

- If you are a JIAIDO practitioner, your JIAIDO outfit will be perfect for this occasion as well.

- If you are visiting us for the first time, please arrive in comfortable clothing, preferably in a white T-shirt and pants. Ladies feel free to bring a white long skirt if you just have one.

- Most importantly: please bring white SOCKS to make it easier to whirl. :).