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We invite you to a two-day workshop led by Ajiit, the founding master of JIAIDO.

What can you experience during the two days?

  • Active body movement - where the key is conscious movement, conscious breathing

  • Four types of practice, in four rhythms - learn about the power of Water, Fire, Earth and Air and how it affects you

  • Pair work - a reflection and developer of connection, communication, co-operation

  • Touch-based bodywork ( JIAIDO Ate bodywork ) - which releases the emotional and mental blocks accumulated in the body over the years

  • Meditation and relaxation

  • Creativity born from inner silence

Ajiit created JIAIDO to provide a practical method in the hands of those who really want to work on their own development.

Guided through all three main branches of JIAIDO (active movement meditation, Ate bodywork and creativity) in the weekend program, you will experience how you can be able to make a real and lasting difference in your life with JIAIDO.

It is an excellent opportunity to deepen self-knowledge, to recognize and overcome obstacles; to unfold ourselves.

JIAIDO Workshop with Ajiit

The programs of the two-day workshop are built on each other, so it is not possible to participate only on one day.  


Date: 12-13th February 2022, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4:30 pm

Location: JIAIDO Academy, 1133 Budapest, Vág street 19. 

Participation fee: 20 000 HUF / person

The fee can be transferred to the bank account of the association, or payed in cash at the program.

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