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Pottery workshop - for children

With the pottery session, our goal is for children to relax, recharge, experience and strengthen their creativity, to which they can later connect at any time.

The one-day ceramics workshop is hosted by the Mauna House in Szőlősgyörök, where we welcome all children between the ages of 7-12.


As a parent, you have the opportunity to work with your children during the program
to attend classes, but you can also leave him here until the end of the program.

No training is required to participate in the ceramics workshop, the raw materials and tools are provided on site.
Please arrive in comfortable clothing.


About the Program:

  • Arrival at Mauna House: 10:00 - 10:30

  • Playing with clay in the morning: shaping from raw material is the main role 

  • Lunch together and a little rest

  • Since the freshly made works have to dry for a few more days and then burned in an oven, in the afternoon we paint the already fired ceramic objects (smaller pots, mugs,) previously made by the organizers -  everyone has their own taste with individual, unique colors and patterns. Thus, at the end of the program, each participant can leave with a finished work. :)

And the children can paint and take home fresh clay objects made by themselves during the next workshop.  

  • While the painted pottery is burning out in the oven, children can also learn about the plants in the kitchen garden, the fruit trees and the goldfish in the fishpond.  

Address: 8692 Szőlősgyörök Petőfi Sándor utca 20.

Dates: Saturday, October 17, 2020 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

We prepare a rich vegetarian lunch, refreshing soft drinks and snacks!  


Participation fee: 9,000 HUF / person, for families with several children 7,500 HUF / person

Accompanying / parent's daily fee (with meals, without making ceramics): 3,000 HUF / person

The price includes raw materials, paints, tools; as well as the cost of meals.  

Application: , - Please write how many you would come and how many participants (you want to pottery)  and how many attendants.  

Contact: +36 20 275 5635

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