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JIAIDO mozgásmeditáció - tudatosság fejlesztése a gyakorlatban
JIAIDO mozgásmeditáció - fókusz
JIAIDO mozgásmeditáció - stabilitás
JIAIDO mozgásmeditáció - mozdulat, légzés, ritmus
JIAIDO mozgásmeditáció - belső erő
JIAIDO mozgásmeditáció - egyensúly


JIAIDO is an active, movement-based personal and awareness development system.

At JIAIDO, we learn to strengthen and guide our attention. By consciously directing our attention, we become able to observe our own internal processes, our emotional and thought world in different situations.

In this way, we gain self-knowledge and have the opportunity to consciously step out of our restrictive patterns and to discover how much potential still lies within us.

The fully attentive movement and breathing practices bring the body and mind into harmony, focusing our attention inward.

Read more about the System of JIAIDO.

Meditation Workshop for Beginners
Yalda Night Celebration
Dance workshop
Pottery workshop
Bee-keeping workshop

In the beginner level classes, we master the basic movements and techniques of JIAIDO, we learn the first form practice and get to know the spirit of JIAIDO.  


2x60 minutes practice a week disconnects from everyday constant tension, stress, attention to the outside world, and calms our restlessly active, thought-filled mind. This effect can be experienced already on the first occasions.

In addition to attending regular group classes, there is an opportunity for personal consultation to get a comprehensive picture of your condition and the direction of your development. 

In order to experience the beneficial effects of the method not only after the classes but in your every day life,  practicing JIAIDO twice a week is very important.

Therefore, we created the 6 months Self-love and self-knowledge course to those, who would like to work with themselves intensively. Besides the practice classes, the program contains the necessary theoretical background as well to get to know ourselves in a holistic way, to understand our processes on physical, mental and emotional levels. 

Read more about the 6 months Self-love and self-knowledge program.

Read more about Ajiit, the founding master of JIAIDO.

Date of course: 4th March, 2024


Time of Beginners classes:

  • Monday and Wednesday 6:15 - 7:15 PM


JIAIDO Academy,

Budapest XIII. district, Vág str. 19. 

our practitioners said

"I haven't really been able to turn my mind off in any other way I've known so far. At JIAIDO, I have no chance to think of anything else, it requires my full attention. It's a huge experience for me - as a brain tease it's very difficult to turn off the 'internal radio'. "

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Mit viseljünk

At JIAIDO classes we wear a white practice dress, long-legged loose pants and a white T-shirt with JIAIDO logo.


White is a symbol of purity, light and empty mind. We wear the same clothes uniformly every hour, leaving behind individual taste, discrimination on body shape, gender and age. The same attire is a great help to us to reconnect as soon as possible to our true, pure nature, which is one and the same for all of us.


The JIAIDO T-shirt is available in several sizes in the dojo. 

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