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Meditation  workshop

Beginner level

Want to experience inner peace and tranquility, but don’t know how to approach it?  

At the two-day worskhop, you can learn effective meditation techniques that you can use to bring peace of mind into your daily life.

Meditation is the simplest, tangible and always available way to get out of constant thinking, stress and inner tension and to relax and recharge.

We can immediately feel its beneficial effects on a physical, mental and emotional level, as we find peace and inner silence, and this will affect our everyday thinking, our relationships, and our attitude to the world.

With long-term practice, we get much more than that: we get to know ourselves better and learn to love who we really are.

However, it is not so easy to start meditation if the body and mind are not used to stillness. Even if we have been practicing for a while, we can encounter obstacles, because sometimes we get stuck at one point or another and it is difficult to continue from there if we do not understand how the mind works.

Meditation workshop - For beginners


4-5 MA,  2024

Location: JIAIDO Academy, Budapest, Vág street 19. 

Program fee: HUF 36,000 - lunch is not included

Register by filling out the application form below. 

To finalize your registration, you can pay the program fee by bank transfer.  


International JIAIDO Association - MagNet Bank


Purpose of the workshop: 

The goal of the JIAIDO Meditation workshop is to deepen our understanding and experience of meditation step by step on a theoretical and practical level. You can get to know different meditation techniques during the two days, each of which leads to the same place, but with a different tool and a different approach. The goal is to fall in love with the process itself and practice with pleasure and joy later on.

The program:

During the two days, various guided meditation sessions await you, at the end of which we will discuss the experiences and the questions that arise. During the sessions, there will be sitting and movement meditation sessions, but none of them require any prior training or special physical condition.

During the exercises and conversations, with an experienced leader, we walk the path from the whirlwind of thoughts to our inner, clear center, while learning effective techniques for managing our attention. This will give us a better understanding of the basic workings of our own mind and give us practical tools for meditation at home.  


By the end of the workshop, the beauty of the meditative state becomes your own experience, which you can incorporate into your everyday life. 


Saturday and Sunday:

Doors open: 9:00

Start: 9:30

9:30 - 13:00 - morning meditation session

13:00 – 14:00 – lunch break

14:00 – 17:00 – afternoon meditation session

You can only participate in the workshop for the entire duration. You cannot join only for one or the other day. 

The number of participants is limited, a maximum of 14 people can take part in the workshop. 

The workshop will be hosted by JIAIDO Academy.

An ideal place to break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a weekend and find yourself back

What should I wear?

Come in comfortable clothes or bring a change of clothes in which you can sit and move for a long time without being uncomfortable anywhere. It is important for blood circulation to flow freely, so tight clothing is definitely not recommended. 

What should I bring with myself?

We provide mattresses, meditation pillows and, if necessary, a blanket during the entire session. 

Since meals must be arranged individually, you can bring pre-prepared food with you, which you can heat in the microwave at the Academy. 

How should I prepare?

With your openness. The more open you are to the weekend, the more understanding and experience will come to you. It is worth organizing your personal programs for the two days in such a way that after the workshop you do not meet friends or acquaintances, you do not go to noisy places, but you remain in a meditative, quiet state so that it stabilizes and settles inside you. 

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Entry Level Meditation Workshop
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How does meditation help?

  • It clears unnecessary thoughts from your head

  • It raises awareness in everyday life

  • It helps to cope with stress

  • It helps to have a balanced, positive state of mind

  • It results in a clean, orderly train of thought

  • It develops attention

  • Promotes the ability to solve complex problems

  • It develops self-discipline

  • Develops self-confidence,  confidence

  • It brings patience and respect to ourselves and others

  • It creates a broad and deepening capacity to give and receive love

  • It increases the ability to unleash creativity

  • There are other other effects you may experience as you practice

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