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Self-discovery meeting with Ajiit

The way of holistic development


Ajiit, spiritual teacher, founding master of JIAIDO movement meditation, will give a presentation in Budapest in April.

The main theme of the meeting is self-knowledge, which leads to self-respect and love. Knowing yourself is more than knowing what you like and don't like, what you want and what you don't. Self-awareness means understanding our own physical, mental, and emotional functioning and processes, and learning how to handle and manage them by bringing more and more awareness into our existence.

Consciousness is the essence of our existence, so as it grows stronger within us and we become more and more connected to it, a huge transformation occurs in all areas of our lives. We begin to experience experiences differently on a physical, mental, and emotional level, and this also has a great impact on our social relationships.


But how can we awaken the energy of consciousness? Intellectual understanding and knowledge are not enough for this, because this energy is closely related to the energy centers in our body. Activating the centers and then sending the energy to higher and higher levels helps the body and mind to experience the present moment. The more time we spend in the state of presence, the stronger our awareness becomes.  

What do each energy center mean? How is the activation of energy centers and awareness related to the quality of our lives? What changes as the energy reaches higher and higher centers?


This presentation and discussion is for you if you are on the path of self-knowledge and self-improvement, if you want to get closer and live in friendship with yourself. Come and ask the questions that will help you understand yourself better. 

Location:Jiaido Academy, XIII. Vág u. 19.

Date: 18 April, 2024, 6:30 p.m

Participation fee: 

HUF 6,000

For JIAIDO dojo members: HUF 3,000

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