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Discover yourself with JIAIDO movement meditation!

Self discovery is the root of self love. One of the main issues of modern humans is that we focus on the world and people around us and this makes us completely forget about ourselves.

We forget our abilities, our value. We become strange to our mental and emotional power and possibilities and therefore become confused and experience disorder. 

Self discovery is the process of lifestyle.

For many years we practiced and trained ourselves to guide the attention outside and as a result we lost the connection with ourselves.

To restore the connection we need a process, a change in the direction of our life to feel satisfaction and clarity. We have never learned how to guide the attention inside, how to calm our mind down and be present.

JIAIDO offers the possibility to reconnect with our being, while also actively participating in the world, but not being consumed by it.

How does it work?

JIAIDO works with the combination of movement, rhythm and breathing. To be able to combine these elements we need to use and develop our physical and mental abilities, like attention, focus, memory, coordination, balance, stability, sense of direction .


When these principles are harmonized inside us, the energy of awareness arises.

When awareness energy becomes active in our life we are able to coordinate our emotions in a healthy way and we can make our decisions based on reality in the right way. This creates harmony, satisfaction and joy in our everyday life.

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About the program

Come and experience JIAIDO at our next Open class , guided by Ajiit , the founding master of JIAIDO.


The new Beginners program starts in December with the guidance and coordination of Ajiit. 

During the 6 months long program it is important to attend the 2 JIAIDO practice weekly in order to get the most out of the benefits of JIAIDO. Besides the regular group practice, there is an opportunity to have personal consultations with Ajiit that helps you to have a clear picture of your state and to see the direction of your development.  

Adult and Senior class:

As each and everyone has a different background of movement and body coordination, we find it important to create an environment for everyone that is in line with the actual physical condition. Therefore, we offer to join Adult  and Senior class based only on actual physical condition.


Date of Open class: 2nd December, Thursday,

18:30 - 20:00

Fee: 2000 Ft


Regular classes: Tuesdays-Thursdays 18:30 - 20:00


Location: JIAIDO dojo - 1133 Budapest, Vág u. 19. (5 min walk from Dózsa György út metro station)


What to wear: JIAIDO practice is in JIAIDO T-shirt which can be purchased at the dojo and comfortable, loose, white trousers. Shoes are not needed in the room.

our practitioners said

"I haven't really been able to turn it off in any way I've known so far. At JIAIDO, I have no chance to think of anything else, it's completely distracting. It's a huge experience for me - it's amazingly difficult as a brain teaser  turn off the 'internal radio'. "

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