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Start the day with awareness!

We start morning JIAIDO course besides our afternoon and evening classes.


This opportunity is for you if you:

  • have no time for yourself during the day

  • would like to get closer to yourself

  • would like to start the day in peace, with conscious movement

  • would like to be balanced during the day

  • would like to do your tasks with less stress

  • would like to be more self-confident and calm in the everydays

One of the main issues of modern humans is that we focus on the world and people around us and this makes us completely forget about ourselves.


We forget our abilities, our value.

We become strange to our mental and emotional power and possibilities and therefore become confused and experience disorder and difficulties.

To restore the connection to ourselves, we need a tool to learn how to guide our attention back to our true being.

Learn how to pay attention to your being

Our life takes place in the Here and Now, but we miss most of it because of the tendencies of the mind. 

JIAIDO is designed to reconnect us to ourselves and to provide tools by which we can learn in practical terms how to bring the attention to the present moment, and keep it in the state of Here and Now.  

This conscious presence is the key to become free from our physical, mental and emotional difficulties and find that universal and yet unique beauty that exists inside every human being.



Regular classes:

  • Monday and Wednesday 18:00 - 19:00

  • Tuesday and Thursday 16:00 - 17:00

  • Morning classes: Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 - 8:00


What to wear: JIAIDO practice is in JIAIDO T-shirt which can be purchased at the dojo and comfortable, loose, white throusers. Shoes are not needed in the room.

Location:  JIAIDO dojo - 1133 Budapest, Vág u. 19.

It can be reached by the M3 metro (Dózsa György út stop),  15, bus 115 and a  With trolley 75. 

Are you ready to discover your hidden abilities?

We have all been born with a lot of abilities but some of them we haven't used, or suppressed during our lifetime.


Maybe we learnt not to use them or just didn't pay enough attention to them.

To overcome our difficulties on all levels, we start to work on those inner abilities that help us to find a solution, a way out from the confusion and suffering. This is the most direct way to find inner peace and balance.

In JIAIDO we turn the attention to our source, to our being. We bring light instead of fighting darkness.

Are you ready to work on yourself holistically?

When we want to develop or work with any issue in our lives, we always need to consider that a human being is a holistic one. The physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual aspects of our being are strongly interrelated.

Therefore, the holistic method of JIAIDO works directly with each part in an integrated way. 


If you would like to make the steps for your further development, if you are ready to discover your hidden abilities and potential, come and start practicing JIAIDO! 

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