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The first school of the International JIAIDO Association has been operating in Budapest since 2013. In its center, in the Mauna House in Szőlősgyörök, it regularly organizes summer camps and retreats, led by Ajiit, the founding master of JIAIDO. 

Our goal is to make this uniquely effective self-improvement method as widely available as possible worldwide and to develop the network of international JIAIDO education.

We invite you to practice with us and become a member and representative of the JIAIDO Association in your city or country. ​​

Ajiit, the founding Master of JIAIDO

Ajiit is a spiritual teacher whose clear and practical teachings provide direction to find inner peace in everyday life and to find the path toward ourselves. ​

He started practicing karate at a very young age, at the age of 18 he opened his own dojo. Beyond the physical level, as he became a master of karate, his attention turned to the spiritual background of the martial arts. He often meditated and practiced the art of zazen, the quiet sitting. Discipline and practice had a great influence on the development of his character.

At the age of 23, as a result of a change of country and culture, a desire arose in him to discover what is constant in the rapidly changing world around him.​ To better understand how the human mind works, the factors that shape personality, he also completed psychotherapy and acupuncture training and then began working as a psychiatric nurse. As a result of her work, she has gained extensive experience in dealing with various types of physical, mental and mental problems.

Ajiit, a JIAIDO alapítója

The moment of his spiritual awakening, which transformed his entire life, occurred in 2007 at the satan of an enlightened master.

A few years later, Ajiit, drawing on his more than 35 years of experience and knowledge in the martial arts in psychotherapy and acupuncture, created JIAIDO, this new personality and awareness development  system.


Ajiit’s work is done on two levels: the personality level and the True Self level. On the one hand, his method is a tool for the fulfillment of individual, personal development, but at the same time he always points to self-discovery. These two levels are closely related, as the more mature and advanced a personality is, the less emotional and mental problems it is, the easier it is to recognize who we really are.

Read more about Ajiit

Judit Herczeg, JIAIDO Guide

Judit Herczeg, JIAIDO Guide


“Practicing opened up a whole new way to get to know myself. Through JIAIDO, I realized that I could get rid of a lot of barriers that I previously thought I needed to learn to accept and love. I can also discover countless new abilities within myself. Not only did this make my everyday life more balanced, but it also opened up completely new possibilities in my life.

I want this holistic system to be available to as many children and adults as possible. ”

Rita Tasnády, JIAIDO Guide

Tasnády Rita, JIAIDO Guide

“The greatest value for me in JIAIDO is that it always connects with itself and initiates internal changes in me that no other method has been able to do before. Things fall into place in me. I can devote quality time to important things, I am much more present in my life than before.  On the one hand, internal travel, self-knowledge, and on the other hand, internal construction. Continuous development, growth, enrichment. "

Fanni Tasnády, JIAIDO Guide

Tasnády Fanni, JIAIDO Guide

“JIAIDO has brought a qualitative change to my life, on a mental, emotional and physical level. It gave me a tool, a real opportunity to get to know how my mind works, to step beyond my limits, and meet the quality that I really am. It encourages continuous improvement, it helps me to develop my abilities. It has brought love, acceptance, deep understanding and new possibilities into my everyday life, nourishing my being with real attention and presence. One who once experiences his own pure state will not be able to renounce it. After all, in fact, we are all looking for the way to love ourselves, who is outside, who is inside. "

Éva Brunner, JIAIDO Guide

Brunner Éva, JIAIDO guide

"Practicing JIAIDO taught me the most important thing, how I can calm my mind. Learning this helped me connect with myself.

It keeps me open and accepting, and it also helps me realize who I really am not.

It taught me to see the world from a different perspective. It gave me an emotional, mental stability. ”

Ghoneim Amani Pariya, JIAIDO and meditation Guide

Ghoneim Amani, JIAIDO meditation guide

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