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The camp provides a good opportunity for all active practitioners to deepen their existing JIAIDO knowledge, regardless of the fact that for years,  or only practiced for a few months.

It gives you the opportunity to try out all the branches of JIAIDO, which is not always possible during regular weekly exercises.


During the intensive, multi-day practice, the developmental effect of the method can be felt on a physical, emotional and mental level.

The camp is led by the founding master, Ajiit. With its help, in addition to technical progress, we gain insight into the life philosophy of JIAIDO, the real purpose and essence of the practice.

The camps are held in Szőlősgyörök, a village near Lake Balaton.

The three days long program is hosted by the friendly, peaceful environment of the headquarters of the International JIAIDO Association. There is also a grass practice area and an indoor dojo for 2-3 exercises a day.


We prepare plenty of vegetarian food three times a day together.

Date of next camp

14-17 September, 2023

Fee of the camp

76 000 HUF/person, that includes accomodation (3 nights), 3 meals per day and the fee of the program.

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