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Jiaido dance meditation - The Art of Self expression

Liberate your Body and Emotions

JIAIDO dance meditation offers you a method and structure to work on the beauty of your movements and your inner world at the same time.


By learning some dance movements your coordination and body awareness will develop. As a result of continuous practice, a deep trust is formed between body and soul and in this connected space we experience the beauty of our existence and creativity in a new quality.   

It offers you different types of dance meditation techniques to reach a meditative state and be able to work directly with your mental and emotional difficulties which hold you back from moving and living freely with the joy of life. 


Classes: From April 17, 2023, every Monday, 17:00-18:00.

Location: JIAIDO Academy - 1133 Budapest, Vág u. 19.

Participation fee: HUF 3000 / occasion; 

Monthly ticket: HUF 13 500 / 5 occasions,

it will expire in 2 month

The goal of JIAIDO dance meditation:

  • Get closer to yourSelf through dance and movement

  • Live in a healthy relation with your body

  • Learn to dance without boundaries 

  • Get rid of the mental and emotional blocks, and beliefs about yourself that make you limited

  • Learn some dance movements and manifest creative energy based on your abilities

  • Arrive in a meditative state through joy, devotion and freedom

In JIAIDO dance meditation we keep the focus on our inner center, and we are moving consciously but without having a particular structure. We turn the attention from the movement to the energy source, from the body to the inner energy. Guiding the attention consciously to our inner center, moving from that energy, manifesting this energy in action gives a new, higher quality to our dance.

The goal of the practice is to experience self-less state. When the dancer disappears, only the Dance remains.   

This dance meditation is for you if you

  • would like to start a new relationship with the body

  • would like to dance but don’t know how to start

  • would like to learn how to use emotions as a tool to express 

  • would like to experience yourself without mental and emotional blocks 

  • would like to discover your true nature

What to wear: 

Preferably a white or light-colored comfortable top and pants in which you can move freely. You can prepare with thick socks or shoes with soft soles. 

Sign up for dance meditation 
Every Monday 17:00 - 18:00
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