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JIAIDO ATE bodywork workshop - I. modul

JIAIDO ATE - art of conscious touch

JIAIDO Ate bodywork is a unique approach that focuses on releasing mental and emotional blocks using the power of conscious touch and conscious breathing.

As part of the holistic and effective method of JIAIDO movement meditation, the goal of Ate bodywork is to restore the balance and harmony on all levels of our existence, to experience the state of presence.

The method is developed by Ajiit, a spiritual teacher and enlightened master, in which he combines the deep wisdom of life with the techniques of conscious touch, breathing and connection.

The basic principles of JIAIDO Ate bodywork are based on the realization that our body retains past traumas, emotions and negative energies, which can appear in the form of physical or mental blocks.


Date: 6 April, 2024

Location: JIAIDO Academy, 1133 Budapest, Vág street 19. 

The goal of JIAIDO Ate bodywork is to use special techniques and the power of conscious touch to dissolve these blocks, allowing the free flow of energy and promoting the restoration of a natural and harmonious state and the possibility of further development. 

The combination of gentle pressure, stretching and guided breathing techniques creates a safe and supportive space to release stuck energies, let go of emotional burdens and experience deep relaxation.

JIAIDO Ate aims to generate greater awareness at all levels of our existence.

The method works through conscious touch and conscious breathing.


Both the giver and the receiver are active participants, with coordinated breathing rhythm and continuous connection.

In this way, the practice directs their attention to the present moment, which immediately awakens the energy of awareness.

jiaido ate bodywork - art of conscious touch.jpg

"ATE is a fantastic method! Whether you are a giver or receiver, it brings you to a harmonious, balanced state. 

The techniques are easy to learn, the main thing here is to be present with our full attention.

Conscious touch really works wonders!"

— T. Rita

JIAIDO Ate bodywork - relaxation on a deep level.jpg

"ATE fills me up, smoothes me out, connects me to myself.

Each occasion drives to a peaceful, quiet and conscious state. By directing my attention, it helps me stay in the present and see my inner processes.
I can't wait for the workshop!”

— V. Judit

What are the benefits of attending JIAIDO Ate bodywork workshop?

  • Balance in body and soul: the bodywork with conscious touch helps to restore the harmony of body, mind and soul. This unity is important for overall well-being and happiness. 


  • Stress reduction: Through the gentle and conscious movements of JIAIDO ATE Bodywork, tension is released on physical, emotional, and mental levels. The body and mind relax, leading to an internal state of tranquility. This aids in handling stress appropriately as we find our stable center.


  • Presence: By practicing conscious touch and conscious breathing, both the giver and receiver focus their attention on the present moment. The state of Here and Now awakens the energy of consciousness, making us much more collected. Our thought and emotional processes become clearer, allowing us to perceive our lives from a different perspective.


  • Communication and connection: In the workshop, participants attune themselves to both themselves and their partners, learning to connect and communicate in a new quality.

  • Body-awareness: Conscious touch and breathing strengthen our connection with our own body, making us more sensitive to its signals. Through awareness, we respond differently to the stimuli and sensations we feel, even to signs of stress or pain. The development of body awareness has a beneficial effect on our mood, as awareness makes the body energetic and vital again.


  • Emotional release: JIAIDO Ate Bodywork releases mental and emotional blocks stored in the body. This allows the free flow of life energy and promotes growth and connection with oneself and others.

  • Personal development: The workshop supports self-awareness and self-investigation through guiding the focus inside. Observing our thoughts and emotions from a calm, conscious state leads to self-awareness, an essential part of personal and spiritual development.


The structure of the one-day JIAIDO ATE bodywork workshop:

  • Introduction of the principles of the method; connection, conscious touch, breathing, movement

  • Learning basic techniques, practicing correct posture, body positions

  • Breathing techniques, conscious breathing and movement coordination in touch therapy

  • Compilation of a series of exercises consisting of several techniques, practice

Fee: 22.000 HUF / person

Discount for 2: 40.000 Ft / 2 persons
Dojo members: 18.000 Ft / person

The fee does not include meals.


Registration by filling in the registration form below. 

To finalize your registration, you can pay the program fee by bank transfer. 

The number of participants is limited, up to 14 people can participate in the workshop.



International JIAIDO Association - MagNet Bank


Abut the program:

6 April, 2024, Saturday

The gates are open from 9:00

Start: 9:30

9:30 – 13:00 – morning ATE bodywork session

13:00 – 14:00 – lunch break

14:00 – 17:00 – afternoon ATE bodywork session

What should I wear?

As we work in pairs, please come in clean and comfortable clothes or bring a change of clothes, in which you can sit and stay relaxed for a long time without being uncomfortable anywhere. It is important for blood circulation to flow freely, so tight clothing is definitely not recommended.

What should I bring?

We provide mattresses, blankets, meditation pillows during the entire session.

Since meals must be arranged individually, you can bring pre-prepared food with you, which you can heat in the microwave at the Academy. 

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