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the path to love OneSelf

JIAIDO mozgásmeditáció

A path to self-love

A JIAIDO egy mozgásmeditációs rendszer, mely a testet és a lelket az egyensúly és a harmónia állapotába vezeti.

A módszer alapja a tudatos mozgás és légzés, mely a személyiség és tudatosság fejlesztésének egyedi eszköze.

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What is JIAIDO good for?

  • It improves concentration

  • It brings your attention

  • It leads to self-knowledge

  • Develops emotional intelligence

  • With its help, you can leave behind your limiting thought and emotional patterns

  • It strengthens endurance and self-discipline

  • It teaches you how to quiet your swirling thoughts

  • It develops your inner strength

  • Relax and recharge

Trial class

September 12, 2022 
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Regular hours

Monday and Wednesday: until 18-19

Tuesday and Thursday: 16-17



1133 Budapest, Vág u. 19.


+36 20 22 99 276

JIAIDO mozgásmeditáció csoportos gyakorlás.jpg

"No method I've known so far could really turn off my head. At JIAIDO, I have no chance to think about anything else, it completely captures my attention. This is a huge experience for me - as a thinking type, it's incredibly difficult to turn off the 'inner radio'."

— Name, Title


"With focus, a new door opens, I start to see things about myself, I get closer to myself. I not only understand others, but also myself. I pay the least attention to myself on weekdays."

— Name, Title

our practitioners said

"I haven't really been able to turn my mind off in any other way I've known so far. At JIAIDO, I have no chance to think of anything else, it requires my full attention. It's a huge experience for me - as a brain tease it's very difficult to turn off the 'internal radio'. "

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