JIAIDO brings you out of the swirling thoughts, it relieves everyday stress and  recharges you.  

It makes you to reconnect with yourself.

How does it work?

The essence of practice is the harmony of conscious movement and breathing and by combining four different rhythms, efficiently developing inner strength and also awareness within changing circumstances.

These four rhythms are in line with the four basic elements (earth, fire, water, air)  and they actively work on balance our abilities: it makes our strengths aware, improves, and effectively develops our less strong sides. Besides the many beneficial effects of JIAIDO, the most important is to teach us how to direct our attention to the Here and Now - and how to stay present as long as possible.

JIAIDO movement meditation was developed for people of modern times.

It teaches you how to find the calm, meditative state during activity, while moving, and maintain it for longer and longer time. 

You don't need any pre-training to practice, just bring your enthusiasm and openness with you!

our practitioners said

"I haven't really been able to turn my mind off in any other way I've known so far. At JIAIDO, I have no chance to think of anything else, it requires my full attention. It's a huge experience for me - as a brain tease it's very difficult to turn off the 'internal radio'."

- AT